Xmas Special – St Nicholas Feast Day Joys and Scares

There are many symbols of the Christmas season, and the joy of children is definitely one of them. That joy is often connected with receiving gifts. In some parts of the world that celebrate Christmas, things are easy. There’s the good old Santa, he comes down the chimney with his gifts, and that’s it.

In other parts, it’s a little bit more complicated when it comes to Christmas gift bringers. Croatia is one of those parts. Croatia is still mostly roman catholic. There are many Christmas saints in different parts of Croatia associated with bringing presents. There’s, for example, St Barbara, St Nicholas, St Lucy, Baby Jesus, even Three Wise Men.

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Xmas Special – Croatia Has What It Takes for the Season to Be Jolly

It’s 25th November, people! St Catherine’s. We have this saying in Croatia: Sveta Kata snijeg na vrata! Holy Kathy, the snow we’re getting… That was a terrible try. Hey, I have a perfect translation:

St Kate, snow at the gate!

I’m happy with that one. You won’t believe it, it was snowing in some parts of Croatia, so the old saying has been confirmed to be true! We already had a few flakes in some parts a few days ago, but last night, the mountains were covered with a thin but proper layer of snow.

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Halloween Special: Cemeteries

It’s time to travel through Croatia in an attempt to find the most interesting cemeteries. I chose the ones that I had visited. The ones that surprised me and left a deep impression on me. I, too, would love to hear your thoughts. Have you seen any of these? How do you feel about visiting graveyards and cemeteries? What cemetery would you recommend and why?

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Halloween Special: Witches

Do you know how we call Halloween in Croatian? Noć vještica. The Night of the Witches. As I told you before, it’s not a very big thing in Croatia. We learn about it from the old movie Halloween. The translation of the title was Noć vještica, and this has stuck with us since. 

I guess that it’s only fair to dedicate the entire episode… to the witches! We have an abundance of both mythical and historical witches in Croatia. Hear the stories out!

I have to warn you. Some of the info in this episode might not be for your youngsters. Please, listen to the content before deciding whether you want to let them learn about this uncomfortable history and legends. 

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1StarCroatia – Churches

In another episode of 1 Star Croatia, we are going through some funny reviews that real travelers have left online. This episode is all about churches. I would like to thank Google Places, for being THE place for expressing dissatisfaction, although TripAdvisor hasn’t disappointed either. I’ve been amusing myself reading about Croatian churches and I’m about to share the amusement with you.

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