Halloween Special: Cemeteries

It’s time to travel through Croatia in an attempt to find the most interesting cemeteries. I chose the ones that I had visited. The ones that surprised me and left a deep impression on me. I, too, would love to hear your thoughts. Have you seen any of these? How do you feel about visiting graveyards and cemeteries? What cemetery would you recommend and why?

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Shout Out – Dark Tales of Medieval Dubrovnik

Just the other day, I finally tried the online experience called Dark Tales of Medieval Dubrovnik.

I have been following the host Marija ever since she started her Haunted Dubrovnik and other mysterious tours of Dubrovnik a few years ago and was planning to join one of her live tours but I just haven’t had the chance to travel to Dubrovnik since. I was so excited when I heard about her online experience and had a chance to participate a few days ago.

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