News – Full Year Since the Zagreb Earthquake

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Croatia owes its beauty to the powerful forces of nature. But every now and then, those forces come to collect their debt. We all hoped we wouldn’t meet those forces in our lifetimes, but boy were we wrong.

Last year was tough, I think we can all agree on that. These days, more and more people are even finding good sides to 2020. But being there, taking it one day at a time, the uncertainty, the fear, the changes, the impossibility to plan anything till the last day, the getting-used-to all that…. it’s incredible how, at the same time, things have turned upside down overnight and haven’t really changed much after all.

Dealing with 2020 was hard enough. Yet, there were places on this Earth where all Hell broke loose. As you know, I happen to live in one of those places – divine Croatia.

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Just a few days before the end of 2020, internet was full of memes with Godzilla rising and words such as “Get ready for 2020 finale”.

In Croatia, the finale happened in the worst possible form. On 29 December, a big earthquake of 6.2 magnitude happened near the towns of Glina, Petrinja and Sisak. The earthquake was so strong, it was felt all over the country and reports about the earthquake came from 10 other countries. This was the strongest earthquake in Croatia since it has been possible to monitor earthquakes with instruments.

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