Croatia Underrated – why so quiet?

It is hard to explain why do podcast sometimes go quiet. I am sorry that I wasn’t able to record a full episode for a while now. All this time, I keep thinking I will find the time next week. Good news is, I have finally been seriously working on many new episodes, and I will start releasing them very soon. I was also pretty creative and started developing some new ideas related to audio – such as Secret Zagreb App that is coming up this summer! I have also been working pretty hard, trying to find ways to finance some side-products, such as audio tours through Croatia, and Croatia Underrated guide books. Haven’t been succesful yet, but I am not letting it go:)

I started this podcast in Covid times, and it is still my favourite project, but I just haven’t been able to pursue it after the tourism business with Secret Zagreb and other project rose from the dead. On the other hand, I’ve been a collaborator on so many interesting projects all over Croatia, and got to know many places that I hadn’t known before – I can’t wait to share the curiosities with you.

But – first things first. The first upcoming episode will enter the realm of myths and legends, and I will introduce you to the creatures of vile – Croatian fairies. Stay tuned.

Best creative podcast recognition

International organisation Creative Tourism Network continues to support tourism initiatives from all over the world by awarding the most exquisit ones with a recognition. This year, they started a contest for Best Creative Tourism Media, and one of the categories was – Best creative podcast. I just couldn’t believe it when I found out they awarded Croatia Underrated!

And then, it turns out that the podcast received another recognitionb in Croatia, too. Yearly award for tourism Simply the Best awarded Croatia Underrated as the best new project in tourism.

I am so delighted by these news. On the other hand, it’s a huge pressure since a lot of new collaborations are coming up, and it’s going to be hard to keep the podcast running as regularly as in the first years.

Best of Croatia Underrated in 2021

In this season’s last episode, and the very last episode in this first year of Croatia Underrated, I’m bringing you an end-of-the-year special. An overview: the best of this podcast in 2021.

This podcast covers a variety of topics. I’m hoping this episode will help you understand better what to expect, in case you haven’t listened to it carefully yet. Maybe you bumped into just some of the episodes that weren’t really your thing. For those of you who enjoy listening to it regularly, I’m hoping to bring back some fun moments. 

Listen to the entire episode, or scroll down to read about it:

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Xmas Special – Srčeka or Little hearts

The time has come for a story about – a heart. Srčeko, or small heart, as their creators call it. This also happens to be this year’s last Xmas Special. The small heart fits the season perfectly. 

Enjoy the podcast episode here, or scroll down for the text version:

I’ll start with an unexpected random question that popped up in my mind? How much is a srčeko worth?

In Northwestern Croatia, where I live, there is a very typical cookie. It’s made out of just a few ingredients. Let’s see, what does it take to make it? Flour, some yeast, water, and honey. You know what, it doesn’t really have to be honey. Simply add some sugar instead, makes very little difference. 

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Xmas Special – Holiday Greetings

Here we are with another Quick Croatian Class. You seem to be enjoying the set of blogs and episodes under this name. By the way, you might have noticed that this podcast covers so many different topics. You can find them organized in the main menu, under PODCAST. It contains a dropdown menu, and it contains all the different topics. If you’re interested in just some of the things I share, such as Folk Customs, or Legends& Mysteries, or Curious Personalities, or Quick Croatian Class, click on that, and only the relevant episodes will show up. 

In these past few months, it so turned out that I prepared a bunch of seasonal episodes. There were several episodes inspired by the Halloween season, and then, throughout December, you’ve been listening to the episodes inspired by the Christmas season in Croatia. It’s about time, then, I tell you more about the names of various holidays in Croatia. Maybe you can use some of this word wisdom for your holiday greetings this year. 

I’m going to cover various holidays, but let’s start with the ones that are currently on our minds. Let’s start with Christmas! 

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