1StarCroatia – Churches

In another episode of 1 Star Croatia, we are going through some funny reviews that real travelers have left online. This episode is all about churches. I would like to thank Google Places, for being THE place for expressing dissatisfaction, although TripAdvisor hasn’t disappointed either. I’ve been amusing myself reading about Croatian churches and I’m about to share the amusement with you.

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1StarCroatia – Castles

It seems that a lot of you are very interested in the episodes from the 1 Star Croatia series – the ones dedicated to poor reviews of Croatian sights. Some travelers are not easily fooled and their helpful reviews might save you the trouble! I do understand that people will express their disappointment if the customer experience is not perfect. But some comments are simply funny, especially if you’re critisising a 500 year-old-piece of history or a natural phenomenon. I mean, who exactly are you complaining to?

Let’s look at how people are experiencing Croatian castles. Listen to the podcast or scroll down for the rest of the article:

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1StarCroatia – Mirogoj Cemetery in Zagreb

⭐⭐ If you haven’t seen a cemetery yet, you’ll like it. ⭐⭐

One of the most important Zagreb landmarks, definitely the most impressive architectural sight, the eternal home to so many great Croatian historical personalities, a place that reflects the interculturality of the 19th century Zagreb, and the strong link of Croats with their deceased ones…. is just a cemetery, according to several reviewers eager to save the other travellers from making the same detour from the narrow city center.

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1StarCroatia – Glass Chapel near Novi Vinodolski

The size of a dovecote, looks like a greenhouse.

All true in this one-star-review from the photo, which is precisely why some people find this glass chapel a true discovery when driving through the mountains above Novi Vinodolski. Others are obviously very disappointed.

It’s a very picturesque ride overall, with some amazing viewpoints and a few spiritual monuments, such as stone labyrinths and this tiny glass chapel that was built in such a unique style by a local man more than a century ago.

In other words, nobody bothered to build anything monumental up there in the lovely nature. Weirdoes. Just this tiny structure made solely of metal construction and glass that blends in the environment

You already know what we’re about to say: don’t bother. Stay on the beach and forget there’s anything else around Novi Vinodolski.

1StarCroatia – Samobor Old Town

⭐⭐⭐The view from there is nothing to write home about. ⭐⭐⭐

This time, I chose an unusually high rating: as much as three stars for the ruinous medieval town above a charming town of Samobor.

Most of the people are rather impressed with the view when they get to the fort. Not this traveller. The view is what annoyed him most. Usually, he writes about the beautiful views back home. Not this time. He expected a better reward once he climbs as much as 250 m above sea level.

To tell you the truth, most people don’t expect a grand view because the old town is not on a very high altitude and it takes you only 20 minutes to get there. We’ve never heard anyone saying: “you have the go there, the view is amazing!”. We can’t really understand where do his expectations come from…

Some people are disappointed because the monument is in a rather poor condition, others love to explore it precisely because of that. Some complain the trail is muddy, others are thrilled with a chance of a short hike straight from the city center. But once you get there, people are usually overwhelmed with a pretty view that they didn’t expect. Immediately, they realise why did they build it right there back in the 13th century: the castle is not so easy to spot, yet it overlooks the valley and beyond.

But that was not enough for our reviewer! He expected to see something other than the scenery that surrounds it. Thank you for the warning! If we decide to go to the old town of Samobor, we’re going to stay away from the view.