Halloween Special: Cemeteries

It’s time to travel through Croatia in an attempt to find the most interesting cemeteries. I chose the ones that I had visited. The ones that surprised me and left a deep impression on me. I, too, would love to hear your thoughts. Have you seen any of these? How do you feel about visiting graveyards and cemeteries? What cemetery would you recommend and why?

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1StarCroatia – Mirogoj Cemetery in Zagreb

⭐⭐ If you haven’t seen a cemetery yet, you’ll like it. ⭐⭐

One of the most important Zagreb landmarks, definitely the most impressive architectural sight, the eternal home to so many great Croatian historical personalities, a place that reflects the interculturality of the 19th century Zagreb, and the strong link of Croats with their deceased ones…. is just a cemetery, according to several reviewers eager to save the other travellers from making the same detour from the narrow city center.

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Photo: Mirogoj Cemetery on All Saints’ Day

If you find yourself anywhere in Croatia at the very beginning of November, my best advice is: visit a cemetery.

As we get to know each other through future posts, you will realise that I love mysterious tales and places. But that’s not a reason for this strange recommendation. The first day of November is the All Saints’ Day. Traditionally, the majority of people visits graves of their loved ones to leave flowers and candles. The sight is absolutely magical by the evening when candle lights take over the darkness.

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