1StarCroatia – Churches

In another episode of 1 Star Croatia, we are going through some funny reviews that real travelers have left online. This episode is all about churches. I would like to thank Google Places, for being THE place for expressing dissatisfaction, although TripAdvisor hasn’t disappointed either. I’ve been amusing myself reading about Croatian churches and I’m about to share the amusement with you.

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1StarCroatia – Džamonja Sculpture Park in Vrsar

A few statues in the park.

Not enough sculptures and not impressive enough. You know what? Don’t even bother visiting Dušan Džamonja Sculpture Park near Vrsar. This used to be a property of an avantguard artist of global importance. When they opened a sculpture park in the memorial space that the artist had created himself, they should have thought about people who don’t dig symbolic art, right? Not everyone is an art freak but anyone can leave a Tripadvisor review – guess they didn’t really consider that, huh?

Now, seriously, what can be interesting about visiting a place an artist envisioned for himself? To walk around a vast serene location decorated with more than 20 of his amazing sculptures (amazing only if you’re into that sort of “art”), and imagining the artist working on each of the pieces, while envisioning its perfect location and designing the next piece. At the same time, he was busy reading all the art critics who praised him as the greatest symbolist of his time. Sounds extremely boring, let’s not bother.

1StarCroatia – Pazin Chasm

⭐⭐ There’s nothing out of ordinary to see. ⭐⭐

You must have seen castles that date back to the 10th century built at the edge of a chasm hundreds of times.

We knew Jules Verne was an imaginative chap, but he really outdid himself this time! He actually got inspired by this perfectly ordinary sight and included it into one of his adventurous novels. Rumour has it, the great Dante was equally impressed, too. Funny guys.

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