Halloween Special: Witches

Do you know how we call Halloween in Croatian? Noć vještica. The Night of the Witches. As I told you before, it’s not a very big thing in Croatia. We learn about it from the old movie Halloween. The translation of the title was Noć vještica, and this has stuck with us since. 

I guess that it’s only fair to dedicate the entire episode… to the witches! We have an abundance of both mythical and historical witches in Croatia. Hear the stories out!

I have to warn you. Some of the info in this episode might not be for your youngsters. Please, listen to the content before deciding whether you want to let them learn about this uncomfortable history and legends. 

Enjoy the podcast episode or scroll down if you prefer reading:

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New Quiz: Which Witch from Croatian folklore are you?

The new personality quiz is online! This time, it dares you to explore the darkest corners of your soul to understand which witch from Croatian folklore are you. Have fun solving and be perfectly frank to make sure you get your true witchiness!

The quiz is also a chance to receive a small token of appreciation – the printed Secret Zagreb brochure called 13 Nights of Halloween, full of dark Zagreb tales. Take a look at the PDF version here.

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