Shout Out – Dark Tales of Medieval Dubrovnik

Just the other day, I finally tried the online experience called Dark Tales of Medieval Dubrovnik.

I have been following the host Marija ever since she started her Haunted Dubrovnik and other mysterious tours of Dubrovnik a few years ago and was planning to join one of her live tours but I just haven’t had the chance to travel to Dubrovnik since. I was so excited when I heard about her online experience and had a chance to participate a few days ago.

She showed us the pre-recorded video, which I think was really smart because it secures the quality (it’s a night setting), and shared the tales herself as we were watching. The video was composed in a really nice way, with a dark lady showing us the way and some pretty cool details, like the cats being the only creatures on the streets of Dubrovnik at night.

All of this helped us believe in the mysterious side of the city. I also liked the way how Marija composed the stories – from a general overview to a very specific and relatable tale. She helped us understand the area we covered. My teenage daughter joined me and she was still talking about it the next day, first thing when she woke up. I think that tells a lot.

We really felt like we were doing something out of ordinary and that we got to know Dubrovnik. The only downside is, this tour doesn’t leave you with a feeling of checking that box on your to-do-list. Instead, we want to visit Dubrovnik and Marija’s live tours even more:)

Book the online experience here.

Find more info about Haunted Dubrovnik here.

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