Green George

This post and the podcast that accompanies it was almost late! I promised to publish it on St George’s Day, so you might have expected it earlier today. I’m sorry, I didn’t really have the time to get to it sooner because I had to take a loong shower first – fi-na-lly! After all, it’s the first day taking a proper bath is even allowed after all those looong winter months. You do know that the devil is lurking from the cold water throughout the winter, don’t you? Until today! 

But I knew I would have enough time to finish the episode today. After all, it’s a long day today, isn’t it? I was up since 3 am: otherwise, Green George would come on that white horse of his and run me over! I don’t want to sleep in on St George’s Feast day – I would then stay lazy throughout the year!

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News – Full Year Since the Zagreb Earthquake

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Croatia owes its beauty to the powerful forces of nature. But every now and then, those forces come to collect their debt. We all hoped we wouldn’t meet those forces in our lifetimes, but boy were we wrong.

Last year was tough, I think we can all agree on that. These days, more and more people are even finding good sides to 2020. But being there, taking it one day at a time, the uncertainty, the fear, the changes, the impossibility to plan anything till the last day, the getting-used-to all that…. it’s incredible how, at the same time, things have turned upside down overnight and haven’t really changed much after all.

Dealing with 2020 was hard enough. Yet, there were places on this Earth where all Hell broke loose. As you know, I happen to live in one of those places – divine Croatia.

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Curious Personalities – Best Known Croatian Women

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I announced this podcast would occasionally contain stories about curious historical personalities. You know what? It’s been a week since International Women’s Day. And this particular Women’s Day, my Facebook timeline was full of inspiring quotes and remembrance of interesting women. I even personally received several “Happy Women’s Day” notices and had an extra urge to send some, too. I don’t know if it’s just me, because, if I understood well from the Netflix’s “Social Dilemma”, you get the kind of timeline you agree with… but it sure felt that this Women’s Day was by far the most marked one in Croatia since Croatia left Yugoslavia. Red carnation flowers are still not fully back in business, because they’re probably still too associated with the socialist times, but more and more initiatives are claiming them back. After all, they are the original symbol of gender equality since the first International Women’s Day.

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