Valpovo Castle – Pineapples, Dragons and Ghost Ladies

If the path takes you to Eastern Croatia, turn to the lovely town of Valpovo. The town’s biggest attraction is the Prandau-Normann castle with its park. The history of the castle starts somewhere in the 15th century. Visitors, however, get to experience a little time-travel journey that begins in the 19th century at the entrance to the park and finishes among the 15th century remainders.

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1StarCroatia – Mirogoj Cemetery in Zagreb

⭐⭐ If you haven’t seen a cemetery yet, you’ll like it. ⭐⭐

One of the most important Zagreb landmarks, definitely the most impressive architectural sight, the eternal home to so many great Croatian historical personalities, a place that reflects the interculturality of the 19th century Zagreb, and the strong link of Croats with their deceased ones…. is just a cemetery, according to several reviewers eager to save the other travellers from making the same detour from the narrow city center.

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1StarCroatia – StMark’s Church in Zagreb

⭐⭐ The rooftiles are supposed to be beautiful but are really mweh. ⭐⭐

What’s the big deal with St Mark’s Church in Zagreb anyway? Can anyone notice something special about it? We’re so lucky we found this objective and eloquent review – imagine if someone made a detour to Croatia’s capital just to find it’s…mhew.

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1StarCroatia – Zagreb funicular

Why waste your money when you can simply walk up?

Thanks to this wonderful one-star-review on TripAdvisor, you are bound to ask yourself the same question and hopefully not make the same mistake as this unimpressed tourist.

She definitely has a strong point there. Zagreb funicular is indeed one of the shortest railways in the world. Not to mention the price of the ticket: it’s almost a full dollar! (it’s getting there as the dollar keeps dropping.) So, take this advice seriously, save your cents and don’t bother to go for a ride!