Green George

This post and the podcast that accompanies it was almost late! I promised to publish it on St George’s Day, so you might have expected it earlier today. I’m sorry, I didn’t really have the time to get to it sooner because I had to take a loong shower first – fi-na-lly! After all, it’s the first day taking a proper bath is even allowed after all those looong winter months. You do know that the devil is lurking from the cold water throughout the winter, don’t you? Until today! 

But I knew I would have enough time to finish the episode today. After all, it’s a long day today, isn’t it? I was up since 3 am: otherwise, Green George would come on that white horse of his and run me over! I don’t want to sleep in on St George’s Feast day – I would then stay lazy throughout the year!

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Shout Out – Dark Tales of Medieval Dubrovnik

Just the other day, I finally tried the online experience called Dark Tales of Medieval Dubrovnik.

I have been following the host Marija ever since she started her Haunted Dubrovnik and other mysterious tours of Dubrovnik a few years ago and was planning to join one of her live tours but I just haven’t had the chance to travel to Dubrovnik since. I was so excited when I heard about her online experience and had a chance to participate a few days ago.

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Valpovo Castle – Pineapples, Dragons and Ghost Ladies

If the path takes you to Eastern Croatia, turn to the lovely town of Valpovo. The town’s biggest attraction is the Prandau-Normann castle with its park. The history of the castle starts somewhere in the 15th century. Visitors, however, get to experience a little time-travel journey that begins in the 19th century at the entrance to the park and finishes among the 15th century remainders.

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