Photo: Misty Autumn Day at Plitvice Lakes

Plitvice Lakes – when is the best time to visit? It’s so hard to answer. Probably the last answer that you’re going to hear is – on a rainy or foggy autumn day. On the other hand, the waterfalls can be especially mighty in the rainy season. The misty scenario transfers you into a distant enchanted world. In the defense of the “worst time” to visit Plitvice Lakes, here are a few unfiltered photos.

Quick Croatian Class: Tongue Twisters

It’s finally time for another Quick Croatian Class. A lot of you wrote to me saying that  you had a great time listening to the first Quick Croatian Class that was published as Ep08 of S01. In fact, it’s been the second most popular episode so far, believe it or not. That’s why I decided to prepare as much as two of those for this season.

With this one, I’m raising the bar for you. Now that you successfully mastered how to say Croatia in Croatian, I’m dedicating this entire episode to Croatian tongue-twisters. As if the entire Croatian isn’t tongue-twisting:)

In other words, this episode might be the least useful thing you’ve listened to in a while. However, I promise to prepare another one by the end of this season, hopefully, a much more useful one:) Enjoy listening to it, or scroll down to continue reading:

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Living Castles

There is a project called Living Castles, building a network of 7 castles in Croatia and our neighbor country Slovenia. The project is mostly funded by the European Regional Development Fund. The project partners invested in the enhancement of their heritage presentation. It’s mostly through digital technology, such as virtual reality and 3D mapping. Without a doubt, it all adds to a more spectacular experience for a visitor. What I love most is the fact that together, they’re building a network. They’re creating a route that could trigger us to visit the seven castles.

The castles included in the Living Castles network are Veliki Tabor, Oršić castle in Stubica, Čakovec and Varaždin castle in Croatia. In Slovenia, it’s  Celje, Rakičan and Ptuj castle. Learn more by listening to the podcast or continue reading:

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