1StarCroatia – Zadar Greeting to the Sun

It’s a screen on the floor

It’s not quite a screen, it’s panels, but that’s about it – it’s a good and honest review, dear tourist.

It’s photo-sensitive panels that pick up the sun rays during the day and play an adorable light show in the evening. Hope the same tourist who left this terrible review, managed to at least “enjoy” the real sun, or better yet sunset, though we doubt he’s into colourful light shows.

Hitchcock once called the Zadar sunset “the most beautiful sunset in the world”. We took his words for granted and it is now an iconic saying. It’s also one of the reasons why it makes perfect sense to build the playful installation “Greeting to the Sun” precisely in Zadar. We suggest it is about time to start trusting someone else..after all, who cares about Hitchcock’s opinion these days? So, thank you, random tourist, for the useful 1-star-review!

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