1StarCroatia – Samobor Old Town

⭐⭐⭐The view from there is nothing to write home about. ⭐⭐⭐

This time, I chose an unusually high rating: as much as three stars for the ruinous medieval town above a charming town of Samobor.

Most of the people are rather impressed with the view when they get to the fort. Not this traveller. The view is what annoyed him most. Usually, he writes about the beautiful views back home. Not this time. He expected a better reward once he climbs as much as 250 m above sea level.

To tell you the truth, most people don’t expect a grand view because the old town is not on a very high altitude and it takes you only 20 minutes to get there. We’ve never heard anyone saying: “you have the go there, the view is amazing!”. We can’t really understand where do his expectations come from…

Some people are disappointed because the monument is in a rather poor condition, others love to explore it precisely because of that. Some complain the trail is muddy, others are thrilled with a chance of a short hike straight from the city center. But once you get there, people are usually overwhelmed with a pretty view that they didn’t expect. Immediately, they realise why did they build it right there back in the 13th century: the castle is not so easy to spot, yet it overlooks the valley and beyond.

But that was not enough for our reviewer! He expected to see something other than the scenery that surrounds it. Thank you for the warning! If we decide to go to the old town of Samobor, we’re going to stay away from the view.