1StarCroatia – Glass Chapel near Novi Vinodolski

The size of a dovecote, looks like a greenhouse.

All true in this one-star-review from the photo, which is precisely why some people find this glass chapel a true discovery when driving through the mountains above Novi Vinodolski. Others are obviously very disappointed.

It’s a very picturesque ride overall, with some amazing viewpoints and a few spiritual monuments, such as stone labyrinths and this tiny glass chapel that was built in such a unique style by a local man more than a century ago.

In other words, nobody bothered to build anything monumental up there in the lovely nature. Weirdoes. Just this tiny structure made solely of metal construction and glass that blends in the environment

You already know what we’re about to say: don’t bother. Stay on the beach and forget there’s anything else around Novi Vinodolski.