Curious Personalities – Best Known Croatian Women

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I announced this podcast would occasionally contain stories about curious historical personalities. You know what? It’s been a week since International Women’s Day. And this particular Women’s Day, my Facebook timeline was full of inspiring quotes and remembrance of interesting women. I even personally received several “Happy Women’s Day” notices and had an extra urge to send some, too. I don’t know if it’s just me, because, if I understood well from the Netflix’s “Social Dilemma”, you get the kind of timeline you agree with… but it sure felt that this Women’s Day was by far the most marked one in Croatia since Croatia left Yugoslavia. Red carnation flowers are still not fully back in business, because they’re probably still too associated with the socialist times, but more and more initiatives are claiming them back. After all, they are the original symbol of gender equality since the first International Women’s Day.

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